Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Deals around Town

I got quite a few good deals around town today. We headed over to Lowe's this morning for spray paint for my daughters tap shoes (which we didn't find!) and I stumbled upon canvas storage bins marked 75% off! Just what I've been looking for, I bought 8 of them, ranging from $.86 to $2.40, I can't wait to use them.

After lunch I headed out to Bruno's to use up a few Marcal Q's that expire tomorrow. I got quite a bit for very little.
I bought:
6 regular 4 packs Marcal Toilet Paper $1 ea
3 single roll Marcal Paper Towel $1.29 ea
3 16oz bag Mahatma Rice $1.25 ea

Coupons used:
(3) $2/1 any Marcal Toilet Paper ( I didn't think Bruno's would want to pay me, so I got 2 to fill each Q)
(3) Free or $1/1 Marcal single roll Paper Towel
(3) $.50/1 any Mahatma Rice (double's to $1)

Total spent (including tax) : $2.71

Plus I ran into a Birmingham News guy at the front of the store and signed up to get 4 issues a wee of the Newspaper for 4 weeks for only $10.65 and I got a $10 Bruno's Gift Card. So, really, I got my papers for $.65, plus I got to use my Gift Card on my $2.71 purchase! I call that a WIN!!!

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